Welcome to Birthcare Inc.

expectant%20couple4x3 The childbearing year is one of change and challenge for the pregnant woman and her family. The changes affect every aspect of her life, physically, mentally and emotionally. Questions arise frequently. It is a time when knowledgeable and professional support is of immense value.

Our Mission
The nurses of Birthcare are experienced in all aspects of maternity care. They have the necessary knowledge, expertise and skills to provide care for a woman as she moves through the phases of the childbirth experience. Education, care and support are offered pre-natally, throughout labour and delivery, and once mother and baby have returned home from hospital. We believe that when a mother who is pregnant or postnatal, is provided with adequate support, she can believe in herself and in her own capabilities. A great variety of services are offered so that our care can be personalized to meet the specific needs of each woman and her family.