Breastfeeding Support Drop-Ins

Breastfeeding Support


For You and Your Baby   NO FEE

every Tuesday 10:00 to 12:00 

At Chapman Mills Dental Clinic

Unit 11, 50 Marketplace Avenue

Please use the south door that faces Loblaws

  EVERY THURSDAY 1:30 to 3:00

City View Centre for Family & Child Services

1099 Longfields Drive (at Strandherd and Longfields, across from Esso)

Join us in the playroom!

Check your baby’s growth

Chat with other new parents

Discuss your breastfeeding questions

with our Certified Lactation Consultant

Medela breastpump rental/sales available

For more information:


Susan Nolan, RN, MScN, IBCLC

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant




4 thoughts on “Breastfeeding Support Drop-Ins

  1. Hi Veronica
    Thanks so much for your note and for reminding me to update the website!
    Yes, the drop-ins are still on. Every Tuesday morning between 10 and 12 at Chapman Mills Dental, and every Thursday afternoon between 130 and 3 at the Early Years Centre. I hope that will be able to join us.
    Kind regards,
    Susan (Nolan)

  2. Sonja

    I cannot begin to thank Susan enough for the support that she provided me with breastfeeding. Susan is extremely knowledgeable, professional, supportive, and kind.

    During our visit at the drop-ins (I attended four sessions around the city after a very productive first meeting at the first drop-in I attended), I received the following support:

    – my son was weighed at the beginning and after nursing on each breast (which provided an accurate assessment of how much milk he was getting while nursing);
    – my son was examined for lip ties, tongue ties, and asymmetry in his head to determine if the challenges we were facing were due to a physiological problem and if he required referral to another medical professional;
    – I was observed breastfeeding and given advice on proper form to help my son latch more effectively;
    – Breastpump rentals and accessories were made available to me; and,
    – I was provided with a copy of detailed notes about what we discussed during the visit.

    I cannot say enough good things about the support I received. Following my first meeting with Susan, everything started to turn around and my son began to be much more efficient while nursing and began a steady weight gain.

    I highly recommend birth care’s services to all new moms or any mom experiencing difficulties while breastfeeding. I wish I had met with Susan sooner!

  3. Nancy Shiraishi


    I plan on attending the drop-in sessions this week. I’m a second time mom and with my first, I had to pump round the clock and supplement with formula for a month before successfully breastfeeding for a year thereafter. However, with my second, I am experiencing some challenges to my surprise. He was induced two weeks early and developed jaundice so was breastfed 5 min each boob then given pumped breast milk then topped up with formula for a month. I am exhausted and feel like I’m losing milk supply. I also have a larger right nipple and with significantly less milk from that side and a football position, it’s all just too challenging. Baby can’t sleep his 3 hour stretch unless he’s full. He is now 6 weeks old, I read a lot of great comments about Susan Nolan and I can’t wait to meet her so she can help me!

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