Childbirth Education

Birthcare no longer offers group prenatal classes.

We encourage you to contact:  Canadian Mothercraft or

Ottawa Childbirth Education Association


MotherWit Ottawa

They hold excellent sessions that families find to be very helpful.


Birthcare offers private or small-group, in-home, sessions so that you and your partner can practice what you have learned through your own reading or through online prenatal education.  We can help you get your questions answered in a relaxed, comfortable setting.  You can also practice many of the comfort measures that women find so helpful as labour begins and builds in strength.

 Our time together is used wisely to focus upon your specific  learning needs.

We can address:

Preparing for labour, birth and early parenting

Care of yourselves in early labour

Approaches to promote normal progression in labour and birth

The role of the partner in providing supportive care

Making the shift from home to hospital

Options for pain management

Giving birth with an epidural, if you so choose

The possibility of Caesarean birth

Getting off to a great start with your baby’s breastfeeding.

We have several excellent videos that you can borrow and view  prior to our meeting/s, so that our time together can be used to address your specific needs.

The fee is $60.00 per hour.  We usually recommend a package of 3 to 4 hours, spread over two meetings.  The meetings can occur in the daytime, evening or on a weekend.

Give us a call, or send an email, and we can coordinate an evening or weekend gathering to suit your needs.  We are very flexible in our scheduling and will endeavor to keep the cost economical for you.

These sessions also work well for couples who wish a refresher course and want a quick review of comfort measures or for couples whose work schedules don’t permit joining in an organized class.

To make arrangements, email Susan Nolan at

or call 613-739-7370.