Labour Support/Birth Doulas

labour+support+2Labour Support/Birth Doulas

Enhance your delivery experience with one of our professional labour coaches.  Our main doula, Susan Nolan, is also a Registered Nurse and IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant).

Read about the option of doula services and how you can benefit:

Labour support is an option many couples choose to enhance their birthing experience. We believe that with consistent and committed doula support throughout labour, feelings of uncertainty many women experience can be relieved. The doula will work with the family, the hospital nurses, and the physician/midwife to help ensure a positive birth experience. Key Benefits
• assistance with breath awareness and relaxation techniques
• enables the partner to fully participate
• provides comfort measures
• offers emotional support and act as a client advocateResearch also shows the following benefits:
• shorter labour duration
• reduced use of pain medications
• reduced use of vacuum or forceps
• reduced Caesarean rate
• greater satisfaction in the childbirth experience.The $800 package includes
• 2 hour prenatal session in your home at around 32 weeks of pregnancy
• ongoing phone support throughout the remainder of your pregnancy
• unlimited support throughout labour and delivery (assistance with breathing, relaxation, position changes, massage, assistance and advice to the coach, provide knowledge and advocacy)
• 24 hour on-call capability
• primary Doula plus backup Doula assigned to each client
• 2 hours postnatal follow-up in your home (usually a couple of days after you have returned home from hospital)Call us at (613) 739-7370.
Or email

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